AlphaKinetic is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable brain rehabilitation tools for individuals suffering from concussion.

Our platform pairs with a portable EEG system and a cell phone or tablet to provide real-time information about cognitive and physical health.

AlphaKinetic's advanced analytics highlight areas that can be improved and provide prescriptive rehabilitation tools that can be used from home.


Impact of Concussion


Over 4.2 million people suffer from concussion globally every year, preventing them from working, playing and living their lives

84 000 of those individuals will suffer long term impairment


AlphaKinetic has developed an evidence-based, real-time, personalized rehabilitation tool to monitor and enhance concussion rehabilitation. We provide clarity as you return to play and life

Return to play


43.5% of athletes return to sport too soon post-concussion, prolonging recovery and placing the individual at risk for threatening injury


AlphaKinetic monitors cognitive load and physical activity to prevent overexertion, avoiding recovery setback

Return to life


Persistent changes in cognition and balance are frustrating and potentially dangerous for people returning to normal life and/or sport


Our advanced algorithms, combined with a portable EEG headset, create a personalized rehabilitation program targeting lingering symptoms. We take the guesswork out of your rehabilitation progress